Testing Information


Test Administrator Login

  1. To start a test, select the Test Administrator Interface button (in the middle)
  2. Next, log in with your username and password
  3. A window appears to inform you that a Pop Up Blocker is turned on
    • If you are using Chrome browser, click on the red X in the upper right corner of the URL address to allow pop ups. 
    • If you are using Safari browser, click on Safari in the upper left corner and select preferences, then select security to disable pop ups.
    • If you are using Firefox, a yellow bar will appear on the top, below the URL address.  Select preferences and allow pop ups.
  4. Once pop ups are disabled, don't forget to refresh your browser.  
  5. When logging out, make sure that you also close the browser, including all other open tabs open to securely close/log you out.  If you do not, your login remains open. 

Practice Tests
        - Link to SBAC practice and training tests 



Instructions & Manuals for Test Administrators

Additional Resources for Test Administrators

       - Includes Manuals, Translations, Instructions, Sample Calculators, Classroom Activities, & Aids

Teacher Resources from Achievement Assessments Office

        - Includes Posters, Parent Information, Samples, Quick Checks, Skills Checklists, Etc.