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Pi night is coming on Wed., March 14th. While the event is organized by the Math Department, we'd love to have lots of staff members join us. It is from 5:30 to 7:30 and you may request Prop A hours if you have any available. I am writing to ask you to consider participating, and to send me an email response if you would like to join us, or just to express potential interest.


Typically we run activities in teams of 2 staff members in a classroom. If you have an activity and/or person you would like to be teamed with in mind, please mention that in your email. We will offer some suggestions if you don't have an activity in mind yet.


The activities run until 7, and then we all move to the cafeteria for pizza and pie. It is usually a really fun evening, so I hope you consider joining us. We will have an organizational meeting on March 12th for those participating.