Aptos Chess Club


This time around, there's a qualitative difference in their ease of openings , instant recognition of combinations and deceptive attacks. They’re realizing that there are no magical cupcakes after taking a Queen (you still have to win the game). So they’re approaching this tournament sober, with some degree of responsibility and *gasp* careful thinking.

Chess is a game of mental stamina; we might not be building the next wave of revolutionaries and to be sure, they’re a long way from say, Magnus Carlsen, at a comparable age but they’re practicing and that’s the first step. And it is in the practice they can deliberate and think independently (crazy, uh?). It is in the practice that thought processes coalesce and ideas finally reveal themselves.

So we invite you to join and donate to the Aptos Chess Club to sustain this activity to replace broken/missing chess pieces, and to keep them fueled up… or it would be sad… sad.

Game of Champions (Mr. Clermont)


After the executive order came down banning their phones from the chess room, there was an open revolt from the keyboard warriors.  The remaining few who’ve managed to resist the tyranny of their electronic gadgets - which by the way, seems to rob them of their vitality - have thrived.