Why Donate? This year, the PTSA is making a strong commitment to preserve and expand the range of activities available for students. We are setting aside more than $40,000 to invest in infrastructure for our elective classes (such as the Maker Lab, band and orchestra, Chinese immersion, and others), and to retain a drama program that otherwise would have been lost due to teacher turnover. We need your support for these critical investments that enrich our children’s experience at Aptos!


NOVEMBER 18-22, 2019

Dear Parents: 

Greetings from Aptos Middle School Counseling Department. I trust this communication finds all well with you and your family as we are well on our way for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Please accept this as a personal invitation to our first annual Parent-Teacher Conference Week, November 18-22, 2019. Join with us in a supportive role as we assist with the positive growth of your son/daughter and his/her secondary education in communicating the standards and expectations established to make Aptos Middle School a great place to learn. This will be an opportunity for you, as parents, to meet personally with each of his/her instructors. 

The school will be dismissed at 2:45 daily.  Conferences will be facilitated from 2:50 PM-4:05 PM.  Attached is a blank schedule form for your son/daughter to note their classes, periods and locations. It is important that you bring this schedule locator sheet, filled out with your student’s class schedule, with you. 

Thanking you in advance for your continued support and we look forward to partnering with you and your son/daughter’s educational journey. 

In Partnership,

Team Counseling


Parents that are parking on Upland on the side of the building this is a School Bus zone from 8-10am and from 3-4pm. we would appreciate if you would not block this area during those times due to the congestion it causes the school buses. If you would like to drop of your child, please do so in front of the building on Aptos Ave. Please do not park in the areas marked red. The areas that are yellow are okay for dropping off your student.

Screenshot (2).png

Good Eggs Fall Fundraiser - October & November

It's time for the annual fall fundraiser for Aptos with local grocery delivery service Good Eggs. Help raise money for Aptos whenever you shop with Good Eggs!

To enroll in the fundraiser, visit schools.goodeggs.com and enter our code aptos2019 before placing an order. You only need to do this once at the beginning of the fundraiser. 5% will be donated back for all subsequent orders starting on October 1 (through November 30).

Never tried Good Eggs? Join now and receive $20 off your first order. If 10 new families join by the end of the fundraiser, Aptos will earn a $150 bonus. Good Eggs will also sweeten the deal by offering special treats each week. This week, the first five new families that join the fundraiser will win an organic flower bouquet!

Aptos CYC Beacon are going to have their Lights on Afterschool + Parent Synergy/Digital Safety Workshop

Details are as follows:


Thursday, October 24, 2019, 5:00 - 7:00 PM


Aptos Middle School

Time / Event / Location:

5:00 - 6:00 PM / Lights On Afterschool / Cafeteria

6:00 - 7:00 PM / Accessing Synergy + Digital Safety / Library

***OPEN to ALL Aptos Families***

further information on Our Flyer





Pre-order yearbooks at www.treering.com by October 31 you’ll get a 10% off discount from the $34.13 regular price. Returning parents can use their old login information. Parents new to TreeRing can create an account going to www.treering.com/validate and entering our school code: 1014815522011078


Principal’s Welcome Letter 2019-2020

Dear Aptos Students & Families,

It is with great honor and privilege that the Aptos Middle School community welcomes you to “The Tigers’ Lair” for the 2019-2020 school year! Middle school is a magical time of discovery and transformation set against the backdrop of adolescent ups and downs for students, parents, and educators alike! During these short three years, it is imperative that we build collaborative partnerships to ensure our students access all opportunities to discover their sense of purpose and develop the skills and essential knowledge to become change agents in our 21st century world. 

In looking ahead at the school year, we are focused on providing transparency and clarity around our priorities so we can work together as a community to realize our collective goals. I am excited to share two new community campaigns for the 2019-2020 school year. Our Get Lit! Campaign is focused on strengthening literacy and building a culture of reading. At Aptos, we read to empower our minds, expand our perspectives, and explore our imaginations. Our Get Connected! Campaign is focused on building community and creating safe spaces for learning. At Aptos, we discover our passions, value our differences, and include all voices. We look forward to getting started with you. We must innovate to liberate! 

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: The first day of school is Monday, August 19, 2019 and students should report to school by 9:10am. Homeroom numbers will be posted in the hallways and in the cafeteria on the first day of school. Our sixth grade students should report directly to the auditorium for their orientation to Aptos. Our 7th and 8th grade students should report directly to their homerooms. Schedules will be distributed to students by their homeroom teachers.

MANDATORY FORMS: The following forms will be sent home with all students on the first day of school and must be completed and submitted to homeroom teachers by Friday, August 23, 2019.  Upon successful completion and submission of these forms, students will be assigned their lockers for the school year.

  1. Aptos Expectations & Policies

  2. Emergency Card

  3. SFUSD School Meal Application

  4. SFUSD Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Acknowledgment Form for Student & Family Handbook

  5. SFUSD Notice to Parents/Student’s Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet & Technology

  6. Media and Community Access Opt-Out (only if you do not want your child to be interviewed, photographed, or filmed for use in various media)

Please take a moment to review the additional documents in this packet - Aptos Survival Guide, PTSA Membership Form, Back to School Events and Sports Tryouts, Aptos Calendar Year At-A-Glance, Aptos Traffic Map, and Beacon Programs Overview Flyer. Translated copies are available on our school website. 

We look forward to meeting you all in the coming days. Our doors are open and we are excited to create and strengthen relationships with our students and families this year.

In community,

Nicole Trickett, Principal


Estimados Estudiantes y Familias de Aptos:

¡Es con gran honor y privilegio que la comunidad de la Escuela Secundaria Aptos le da la bienvenida a "The Tigers’ Lair "para el año escolar 2019-2020! ¡La escuela secundaria es un momento mágico de descubrimiento y transformación en el contexto de los altibajos de los adolescentes para los estudiantes, padres y educadores por igual! Durante estos cortos tres años, es imperativo que construyamos asociaciones colaborativas para asegurar que nuestros estudiantes tengan acceso a todas las oportunidades para descubrir su sentido de propósito y desarrollar las habilidades y el conocimiento esencial para convertirse en agentes de cambio en nuestro mundo del siglo XXI.

Al mirar hacia adelante en el año escolar, nos enfocamos en proporcionar transparencia y claridad en torno a nuestras prioridades para que podamos trabajar juntos como comunidad para alcanzar nuestras metas colectivas. Estoy emocionado de compartir dos nuevas campañas comunitarias para el año escolar 2019-2020. Nuestro Get Lit! La campaña se centra en fortalecer la alfabetización y construir una cultura de lectura. En Aptos, leemos para fortalecer nuestras mentes, expandir nuestras perspectivas y explorar nuestra imaginación. Nuestro conectarse! La campaña se enfoca en construir comunidad y crear espacios seguros para el aprendizaje. En Aptos, descubrimos nuestras pasiones, valoramos nuestras diferencias e incluimos todas las voces. Esperamos comenzar con usted. ¡Debemos innovar para liberar!

PRIMER DÍA DE ESCUELA: El primer día de escuela es el Lunes 19 de Agosto del 2019 y los estudiantes deben presentarse en la escuela antes de las 9:10 a.m. Los números de los salones de clase se publicarán en los pasillos y en la cafetería el primer día de clases. Nuestros estudiantes de sexto grado deben reportarse directamente al auditorio para su orientación a Aptos. Nuestros alumnos de 7º y 8º grado deben reportarse directamente a sus aulas. Los horarios serán distribuidos a los estudiantes por sus maestros de aula.

FORMULARIOS OBLIGATORIOS: Los siguientes formularios se enviarán a casa con todos los estudiantes el primer día de clases y deben completarse y enviarse a los maestros de aula antes del Viernes 23 de Agosto del 2019. Al completar y enviar con éxito estos formularios, los estudiantes recibirán sus casilleros para el año escolar.

  1. Expectativas y políticas de Aptos

  2. Tarjeta de emergencia

  3. Solicitud de comidas escolares del SFUSD

  4. SFUSD Formulario de reconocimiento de padre / tutor / cuidador para el manual del estudiante y la familia

  5. Aviso del SFUSD para el Acuerdo de Uso Aceptable de Padres / Estudiantes para Internet y Tecnología

  6. Exclusión del acceso a los medios y la comunidad (solo si no desea que su hijo sea entrevistado, fotografiado o filmado para su uso en varios medios)

Tómese un momento para revisar los documentos adicionales en este paquete: Guía de supervivencia de Aptos, Formulario de membresía de PTSA, Eventos de regreso a la escuela y pruebas deportivas, Resumen de calendario de Aptos, Mapa de tráfico de Aptos y Folleto de información general de los programas Beacon. Las copias traducidas están disponibles en el sitio web de nuestra escuela.

Esperamos conocerlos a todos en los próximos días. Nuestras puertas están abiertas y estamos entusiasmados de crear y fortalecer las relaciones con nuestros estudiantes y familias este año.

En comunidad,

Nicole Trickett, Directora



我很榮幸並誠摯的歡迎您加入2019到2020年的 “老虎之家”!  中學的三年, 對學生,家長,和師長們而言是非常精彩的, 因為孩子們正經歷前所未有的身心改變以及學業的挑戰!在未來的三年當中,雖然時間很短, 但是學校與家長之間如果能夠密切合作, 可以讓我們順利的幫助孩子們 , 找到自己人生的目標並且發展好的學業以及生活技能, 以面對二十一世紀的挑戰。 

在接下來的年度, 我們的工作重點,是提供教育決策的透明度,並詳細說明決策的過程,這樣我們和家長以及社區之間的合作,能夠更加的順利。 在2019到2020年, 我們有兩個主要的項目:第一個是“大量閱讀”, 第二個是“社群意識“。  大量閱讀的項目,是為了促進學生們對於閱讀的熱愛,以及對於文學以及文字掌握的能力,我們希望透過大量閱讀,學生們能夠有更多元的觀點,強壯的心智,以及豐富的想像力。在社群意識的項目裡,我們將著重在建立一個安全而互相尊重的學習環境。在本校,我們強調學生的主體性,可以安全表達不同的價值觀,並且互相尊重的態度。我們希望很快地能與您開始這樣的合作項目。我們會持續保持創新的辦校精神! 

開學日:  2019年8月19日星期一 是本校的開學日。學生們應該在9點10分前到校。 學生的指導班課室號碼, 會貼在走廊和食堂的牆上。六年級的學生直接進入大禮堂報到。七八年級的學生則進入指導班教室。指導老師們會將學生們的課表發給所有的學生。

必須交回的表格: 以下的表格將在開學第一天由老師教給學生們, 請於2019年8月23號星期五之前, 填好所有的表格並讓學生交還給老師。當所有的表格都收集完整之後, 學生們將能夠拿到置物櫃的號碼。

  1. 本校政策與學生行為期待

  2. 緊急聯絡卡

  3. 教育局午餐申請表

  4. 教育局所發出學生家庭手冊簽收表

  5. 教育局家長學生關於網路使用同意書

  6. 禁止拍照和攝影學生要求書(如果您禁止您的孩子被拍照或攝影,您必須交回此表格)

另外我們提供了幾項文件請您參考: 本校生存指南, 家長教師協會申請表,返校日訊息,各類運動項目招收運動員方式,本校行事曆,學校附近交通狀況,課後班服務項目。如果您需要任何翻譯文件,請到本校網址搜尋。 



Nicole Trickett, 校長 

Aptos Survival Guide

PTSA Membership Forms

Back to School Events and Sports Tryouts

Aptos Calendar

Aptos Traffic Map

Beacon Programs Overview Flyer

School Tours Will be scheduled after the 2019-2020 school enrollment fair on October 19th 2019.

These tours will be by Appointment Only.

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Please Fund the Classes Below

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